After the goods are exported, the goods need to be re-sent back to the country due to quality and specifications (which may be due to non-receipt of payment from abroad, etc.). This is the return shipment; sent back home for repair and then need to be re-exported, is the export rework.

Knowledge of import customs clearance for the reworking of exported goods, the dry goods are as follows.

1.Information required for the return.

(1) Complete set of original export declarations

(2) Applications for return of shipments

(3) Agreement on Return of Goods

(4) Return of certificate of paid or unpaid taxes


1, according to customs requirements, the goods must be quality and specification problems before you can apply for return shipment (non-quality reasons, such as failure to receive payment and so on). (The, need for specific communication)

2、The export time cannot be more than 1 year before you can apply to return the import.

1.Information required for return to service.

(1) A complete set of customs declaration documents such as the customs declaration form and the copy of the verification form of the goods at the time of export.

2) Repair agreements

3) Statement of condition of repaired items/repair reports

(4) Application for import and export tax deposit


1, the reason for the return of repair needs to be detectable

2.No restriction on export time

3, if the rework can be carried out in the bonded area, you can enter the bonded area for repairs