Bonded logistics is an emerging form of the development of modern logistics industry.

Shenzhen Customs supports enterprises to expand bonded logistics functions in bonded zones, export processing zones and other special supervised areas to meet the needs of immediate production, zero-digit production, and zero-digit production. Inventory, online ordering and other new types of production, transportation and business methods are in demand. Shenzhen Customs is also encouraging and guiding enterprises to set up high-end product research and development centers in special customs supervision areas and bonded supervision sites with support. In order to extend the industrial chain, increase the added value and effectively improve the quality of the products, the company has developed a number of new services, such as: service centers, testing and maintenance services, and logistics services such as warehousing, distribution and distribution, etc. Help enterprises reduce operating costs.

According to reports, in recent years, Shenzhen Customs has been vigorously cooperating with the construction of Shenzhen’s special regulatory areas. From the bonded zones around the country, to the subsequent export processing zones, bonded logistics parks, export control warehouses, and then to the current degree of openness. The Shenzhen Customs has continuously provided support in terms of policy advice, design and planning, function optimization and other aspects of a fully functional, policy-friendly bonded port zone. Efforts to promote the cultivation of new economic growth points in Shenzhen.

“Bonded day trip” business is a common name for the export and import business, is the use of bonded logistics parks, “into the area of tax rebates” policy, to “first” and “second” to “first”. Export, then import” way to solve the processing trade deep processing carry-over procedures are complicated, deep processing value-added part of the non-refundable tax and other issues. Before the emergence of the bonded logistics park “day trip” business, processing trade enterprises will generally export goods to Hong Kong and other overseas places, and then apply for Import procedures, compared to the logistics park “day trip” business, the overseas day trip cycle is long, complicated procedures, high transport costs. After the establishment of Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center, this problem will be effectively solved. Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center is 2KM away from the airport, 25KM away from Shekou Wharf, 25KM away from Yantian Port Wharf, Hong Kong Wharf and Hong Kong Airport is 60-70 km away, with a fenced area of 0.11 square kilometers and a total storage area of 45,000 square kilometers. Processing trade enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region can use the Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center “one day trip” instead of Hong Kong “one day trip” function. The enterprises can process incoming materials, further processing, and carry forward the goods for domestic sale without having to export to Hong Kong before declaring import, using the bonded zone”. With the special function of “Customs”, goods exported to the Free Trade Zone are considered as leaving the country and can be refunded. Enterprises only need to import the goods from the bonded zone to complete the import and export procedures, which can greatly save transportation costs and time. The special functions and policy advantages of the bonded zone not only significantly reduce logistics costs for enterprises, but also improve the efficiency of logistics transit, enhance the enterprises’ Product price competitiveness.

Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center Advantages.

  1. Tax refunds can be made upon entry into the zone without the need to actually leave the country, and tax refunds and foreign exchange cancellation letters can be issued immediately.
  2. Import and export licences and quotas shall not be applied to goods going in and out of the logistics centre and outside the country, except for passive export quotas and other national regulations.

3, “one-day” business import and export customs clearance procedures at the same time, goods into the center immediately refunded without actually leaving the country, no need to unload the car, within 2 hours to complete all procedures.

  1. Seamless transfer of goods between the center and the airport port (without customs transit), solving the problem of secondary customs transit by air that cannot be solved in the operation of other bonded areas.

5、Import and export of goods with the same inventory put in the same warehouse operation, according to the need of enterprises can apply for a batch of centralized in and out, centralized in and out in batches and other ways of free distribution.

Day trip specific business process

  1. Export first operations.

Receive order. (Customers provide information one day in advance) → vehicles carrying goods to the customs parking lot in the logistics park → our company examine the bill & online declaration (in two steps). (one step is customs declaration; one step is e-account declaration) → on-site declaration to customs → airport customs release of vehicles in bonded area. →Vehicles into the area – goods into storage.

  1. Re-importation operations.

Examination of the single (the customer good in the provision of export documents at the same time, provide import documents, so that our company will have sufficient time to prepare, need to do business inspection arrangements to do inspection, the customer to provide information complete or not to determine the efficiency of the declaration) → our company to declare the airport bonded area customs to load vehicles release → vehicles out of the area to return to the factory to unload, complete the day trip operation.